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The Battle of Barrosa - Memorial
March 5th 1811
The memorial is at the top of this path from the road.

It's at the southern end of the ridge.
General view of the memorial.

On the left is a building which appears to be intended as a bar/visitor centre but is empty. Beyond that is a picnic area and small playground. There is a large car park behind the fence visible on the left of the picture. The car park appears new, as of May 2019 it's not on the Google satellite view.
A view of the memorial looking towards Cádiz.

The view is blocked by the large white building which presents blank walls on this face. Planners!!
The inscription in four languages.
The memorial plaque next to the inscriptions.
A very new memorial to the capture of the French Eagle by the 87th.

This had only been there for a couple of months at the time of my visit.
For some reason there were a couple of modern field artillery pieces at the entrance to the adjacent car park. Presumably these are from the Spanish Civil War, there was no plaque. Cádiz was in the hands of the Rebel / Nationalist forces from the beginning so there doesn't appear to be a particular event to commemorate.
Text and photos copyright John Haines 2015-19.
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