The British and Canadian Sectors - Photos

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The British and Canadian Sectors.
The Merville Battery.

Initially captured on D-Day.
Ranville cemetery.

As well as a major allied war cemetery, there are some burials in the churchyard.
Pegasus Bridge.

Captured with much less fighting than is depicted in the film "The Longest Day".
The Hilman position.

This was captured by the 1st Bn. the Suffolk Regiment on D-Day.
The Grand Bunker - Ouistreham.

This was constructed to direct the fire of a number of gun batteries, including Merville. After the capture of those batteries it was useless and finally blown open by three Royal Engineers. Over 50 German soldiers surrendered.
A panorama of Sword beach from the roof of the Grand Bunker.

Imagine that view filled with ships!
Juno Beach.

Canadians and others landed here.

The site of the Mulberry Harbour at the western end of Gold beach.
A panorama of the remains of the Mulberry Harbour at Arromanches.
Text and photos copyright John Haines 2015-19.
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