Lisbon - Military Museum - Photos Portugal 2018

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Military Museum (Artillery Museum).
There is a splendid Military Museum in Lisbon, which was originally an Artillery Museum, there are a lot of cannon.
It's an old building, part of which still has an active military role. Photography in the central courtyard was prohibited, pity, it's full of cannon barrels.
16th Regiment of Infantry, 1806.
Cavalry, 1806.
Artillery, 1806.
6th Caçadores, 1809.
Baker Rifle.
Brown Bess Musket.
Shako plates.
Caçadore Officer, 1809.
The painting on the end wall of the Peninsular War gallery shows the Busaço monument.
Ceramic caricatures of Portugeuse uniforms through the ages.
This is just the Peninsular War cabinet.

These are models of tool sets, not full size tools. Blacksmiths, carpenters and a saddlers workshop for a field battery.
These are just some of the cannon on display.
Two cannon captured from the French at Vitoria.
These were cast in Seville in 1811.
Text and photos copyright John Haines 2015-19.
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