Modelling the group - Japan 2019

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Modelling the group
I was inspired to create representations of the members of the group who joined the procession at Sekigahara by a seated Perry Miniatures figure I had.
This is the Perry Miniatures figure that originally inspired me. It's sold as Takeda Shingen.
Perry Miniatures also do Honda Tadakatsu. For the other figures I used Warlord Games Plastic figures. These come as multi part models and I had a variety of pieces left over from other projects. There is however a certain sameness about them. I focussed on the helmet insignia and added a separate chest plate to two of the figures.

These are the figures before I started painting.
Jason, Stephen and Antonio

For Jason, I just cut the spear off the metal figure.

For Stephen I used epoxy putty to extend the hair and cut pieces of thin metal for the horns. The fly whisk was thin thread and epoxy putty.

Antonio needed most work of all the plastic figures. I used epoxy putty to model the floppy hat and baggy sleeves. He also got a fly whisk.

Jelly and Greg

Jelly was holding a Hikone Castle cat mascot figure in the photo so I made one out of epoxy putty and card. It's a bit big!

I found a transfer for the Ishida mon. I didn't fancy doing it by hand.
Mike and Robbie

Hand painted mon for Mike.

Robbie's mon was even more complex than the Ishida one and I couldn't find a transfer, so I used another Ishida one. Sorry I didn't feel up to the helmet feathers.
Marji and Ron

I gave them both the same mon, it seemed appropriate.
John and Perry

I managed to find a face with a beard and mustache for John. Strictly speaking it's a grotesque mask, but who's to know? The mon was easy to paint.

Perry's armour was quite colourful, I did what I could. I used one of my old technical pens for some of the chest plate detail.
Disclaimer: I know the faces are rubbish but they are in line with the Japanese principle of leaving a blemish on each piece to show modesty!
Sources of figures

Perry Miniatures
Warlord Games
- They also have some of the former Test of Honour figures in their Warlords of Erewon fantasy range.

The new Test of Honour site is here.
Text and photos copyright John Haines 2015-19.
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