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Index page for Napoleonic period military.
Currently there is a page for all those whose surnames start with the same letter.
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I'm using the index to record those I intend finding as well as those I have found, so, if there is no link to the name, there is no entry yet.
22621/140/RS3rd Foot Guards. Peninsular War Veteran.
General Hon. George Anson1797-18576361/77/ICWaterloo. Later C-in-C in India.
General Anthony Bacon K.T.S.
1796-186412759/22/3Cavalry commander in the Peninsula and Waterloo.
General Sir George Bowles K.C.B.1795-18761736/77/IRColdstream Guards. Copenhagen, Peninsula, Waterloo.
Admiral Sir William Bowles

Major General George Paris Bradshawe

Surgeon-Major George Chenvenix
1793-185210160/89/ICHolland 1814, Waterloo.
General Christopher Tilson Chownc.1771-1834168/90/ICEgypt, Peninsula.
Lt. Colonel Sir Cowell-Stepney1791-187715935/74/4Coldstream Guards. Peninsula, Quatre Bras.
General Sir Henry John Cumming1771-18566285/27
Flanders, Peninsula.
c.1770-185210373/41/2Comissioned from the ranks. Egypt, Peninsula and Waterloo.

Colonel Robert Ellisonc.1789-18434257/90/PS1st Foot Guards. Peninsula, Waterloo.
1787-18707355/100-113/PSPeninsula, War of 1812, Waterloo, Crimea

Lieutenant General Hastings Fraser
c.1771-18529548/143/4India 1799.

16392/76/PSFrench cavalry officer, captured, possibly at Waterloo. Founded circus in the UK.
Colonel Thomas Gloster-186131/PS61st Foot. (Possibly Maida, Peninsula.)
c.1780-18413119/169/RSAide-de-camp and acting military secretary to Sir Hudson Lowe on St. Helena.

Vice Admiral Villiers Francis Hatton
1787-185989?1st Lieutenant of Seagull 1808 when it was captured by Danes. Wounded, lost arm, commended for his action and promoted.

General Sir Richard Lluellyn K.C.B.1781-186720437/127/RSPeninsula, Brevet Major 28th Foot at Waterloo.

Colonel Francis Maceroni1788-18466245/7/RSItalian. Aide-de-camp to Murat. Conspired to rescue Napoleon from St. Helena.
Colonel George Muttlebury C.B.1775-185411245/49/369th Foot at Waterloo.
Major James Franklin Naylor1776-185411607/74/21st (King's) Dragoon Guards at Waterloo.

Admiral Sir Robert Waller Otway, Bart., G.C.B.1770-18466315/90/RSGlorious 1st of June, West Indies.

Lieutenant-General John Skelton1763-18413161/100/RSLieutenant-Governor of St. Helena, 1813-1815. This was an EIC appointment. Was superseded by Hudson Lowe, a British Government appointment.

1776-18411919/89/RSCommanded 5th Brigade's light infantry at Waterloo.

Lt-General John William Waters1774-18423848/86/IRExploring Officer in Peninsula, Asst Adj-Gen at Waterloo.
1794-186820946/127/RSLt RE at Waterloo
General Sir Henry Vassall Webster, K.T.S., K.W., K.B.A.1792-18476797/100/2Extra Aide-de-Camp to the Prince of Orange at Waterloo.
Peninsula, Lt-Col 2nd Bn Coldstream Guards at Waterloo

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