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The Battle of Barrosa - The Barrosa Tower and beach
There is a significant change in level between the ridge and the beach, about 160m according to one map of the battle. The road down from the roundabout next to the memorials is steep and there are steps down to the beach. It's difficult to show the change of level but these two photos should give some idea.

This one is from near the roundabout next to the memorials, looking down towards the beach.
Looking south towards the Barrosa Tower, just visible in the centre.

Acounts of the battle say that there was a road at the base of the cliffs that the baggage, escorted by Whittingham's cavalry, were taking. Further north there are low cliffs but here there is a wide expanse of overgrown dune and no sign of a road. Perhaps this is the result of 200 years of wind and wave action?
The Barrosa Tower / Torre del Puerco.

This was built in the 16th century as one of a chain of watch / signal towers to warn of pirates and other seaborne attacks. One tower in Conil de la Frontera, south of this one, is known to have also been used for spotting shoals of tuna fish and alerting the local fishermen.
Looking north towards Cádiz from close to the location of the first photo on this page.

The sand was dry and soft, very tiring to walk on. I've seen one account that said it was firm and easy to march on.
Looking north towards Cádiz from a few hundred meters beyond the photo above.

The strip of dunes has been planted and has paths running through it. There are also millions of tiny black flies. My face and neck were covered in them.
Text and photos copyright John Haines 2015-21.
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