Battlefield - Wheatley's Brigade area - Photos Andalusia 2019

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The Battle of Barrosa - Wheatley's Brigade area
This is probably typical of the wooded area the French emerged from.

Taken between the positions of Dilkes' and Wheatley's Brigades on the key plan.
Two views of the area Wheatley's Brigade attacked across. You can see how the trees would obscure the presence of troops. This worked both ways. The British did not see the French troops until almost too late and, when Weatley's Brigade attacked, the French assumed they must have reinforcements behind them in the woods for them to be as bold as they were. There weren't more troops!

These were taken from close to the junction west of the position of the 2/47th on the Key Plan.
Text and photos copyright John Haines 2015-21.
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