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Chiclana Museum
My reconnaissance by Google told me that there was a small museum in Chiclana with a section about the battle. As I had to change bus in Chiclana this seemed like a good first stop. I also though that there might be someone there who would know about the battle. This wasn't the case.

The museum is free to enter. Behind a narrow, traditional frontage there is a modern museum which, although narrow, is very deep. It opened in 2010 and feels like a real labour of love by the community combined with professional layout. This covers the history of the area from prehistoric times to the present and also has some temporary exhibitions. There is an interesting section about the particular environment along the coastal strip, explaining that some areas don't drain to the sea, the water is captive. This shed light on some of the problems Graham and la Peña experienced marching an army through the area.

The French occupation section is small but well laid out and interesting. It is also the only section of the museum with labels in English. It contains two of the nicest dioramas I've seen. They have good quality well-painted figures and the terrain in the main one showing the battle is, while compresed and simplified, reasonably representative of the actual geography. Elsewhere I've seen a lot of cheap plastic figures and, in one place, a diorama representing a battlefield with no river featured a fight for a bridge! There was a video, with English sub-titles and some bizzare re-enactment uniforms. There were also some rather fanciful recent paintings.
A general view of the main diorama.

Barrosa ridge is on the left with the Barrosa Tower behind. The tower on the right is the Bermeja Tower, next to the Sancti Petri where the main Spanish force was.

You can zoom in and move around this photo.
Another general view.

Dilkes' Brigade attacks the ridge at bottom left and the Spanish face off against the French at top right.

You can zoom in and move around this photo.
Some more views of the main diorama.
Don't know what this represents, but it's nice.
Two rather fanciful paintings.
Some other exhibits.
Text and photos copyright John Haines 2015-21.
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