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The Battle of Barrosa - Getting there
We stayed in Cádiz for three nights and I'd done enough research to find there were two bus routes from Chiclana to close to the memorial site. Google showed the routes and timetable of these but, oddly, no details of how to get from Cádiz to Chiclana. The tourist information centre told me that route M-020 went from Cádiz to Chiclana where I intended to visit the museum. Unfortunately our two full days were Saturday and Sunday which reduced the frequency of all three services to one an hour. I travelled on May 11th 2019.

The M-020 starts in Cádiz in Plaza de Espãna, I caught it from the next stop at Plaza de Sevilla. That stop is on a traffic island, not the same stop as the local buses use. It stops at a number of other stops in Cádiz, then goes non-stop to the outskirts of Chiclana. The stop to get off at is the last one at the bus station (not a building, just a row of stops) on the Calle Paciano del Barco, on the north bank of the Iro river (on the timetable as "Intercambiador Rio Iro"). The L-8 and L-11 also terminate there. However, after going to the museum, I caught the L-8 on the Calle Mendaro which was closer, the L-11 stops there as well. They are timed at 30 minutes apart on Saturdays and, it appears, on weekdays as well.

I caught the L-8 to the Hotel Riu Chiclana which is close to the memorial site. Looking at Google on my PC as I write this, the routes of the L-8 and L-11 are not as I recall and the information appears inconsistant, perhaps they've changed, so you need to check against the timetables on the bus stops. I didn't have a problem on the day. Most stops are called by the name of an adjacent hotel or shopping area.

Both the L-8 and L-11 were 10 - 15 minutes late.

Returning I caught the L-11 from the C.C. Novo to the Rio Iro bus station. As it was 15 minutes late I just missed the M-020 and had to wait nearly an hour as it was a Saturday. I think it's a 30 minute service on weekdays.

The M-020 was €3.10 each way and the other buses, €1.50 each way.

In total I spent about two hours on buses and about the same waiting for them!
The total journey from my Google record.

M-020 from Cádiz to Chiclana (obviously it didn't cut across the water).

L-8 from Chiclana to the Hotel Riu Chiclana, very close to the memorials.

At the end of my walk I caught the L-11 from C.C. Novo. C.C. stands for commercial centre, it's not as grand as the title suggests but there are some cafes and restaurants there if you need refreshment.

Don't look too closely at the southern end of the trace. It's not very accurate as I refreshed the location less often (was working from print-outs and local maps). I must have walked fast for the last stretch as that part of my walk is registered as travelling by bus!
Waiting for the L-8. This was not it!
I walked quite a way through the modern wasteland that tourism has created. There were some splashes of colour.
Food and Drink.
The northern part of the bus route along the coast is lined with restaurants and cafes but, if you are travelling by bus, you probably don't want to break your journey there. There are places to eat dotted around further south and I expect the hotels are open to non-residents for food. There are also places to eat on the beach.
At the beach access I used there was a hut selling ice creams and drinks.
I wasn't concerned with this but there are many car parks, many were quite busy. There also appears to be roadside parking bays in places.
There is a large car park next to the memorial site, it was virtually empty.
Text and photos copyright John Haines 2015-21.
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