Granada - The Alhambra - Photos Andalusia 2019

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Granada - The Alhambra
The Alhambra is amazing. Built over many years from the 9th C and including a fortress, four palaces and extensive gardens, it sits on a ridge below the Sierra Nevada mountain range which is permanently snow covered.
The Summer Palace.
The Generalife (The Garden of the Architect).
The Fortress - Napoleonic destruction.
During the occupation of Granada by the French, 1810-1812, the French army used the Alhambra as barracks. On leaving they destroyed much of it and more would have been destroyed. Jose Garcia is credited with cutting fuses and saving much of the rest.

The ruined walls have been tidied up and there is a memorial to Jose Garcia in the fortress.
The Palaces.
Within the fortress there are three palaces of increasing elaborateness, culminating in the Lion Courtyard.
The Fortress.
Text and photos copyright John Haines 2015-21.
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