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These photos were taken during a trip to Andalusia, southern Spain, in May 2019.

We had been intending to visit this area for some time. Because of its importance during the Napoleonic Wars, we added Cádiz to the normal trio of Seville, Córdoba and Granada. We also spent a couple of days in Madrid.

We flew into Madrid and travelled by train (and a replacement coach service between Antequera and Granada) from there. Rail travel and hotels were booked through Railbookers, a company we have used before. They have invariably picked good quality (sometimes outstanding) hotels in town centre locations near to key sites. I recommend them -

This site primarily covers connections of the area to the Peninsular War. It also includes some more general photos which may be of interest.
There is a major section on my visit to the site of the Battle of Barrosa (known by the French and Spanish as the Battle of Chiclana).

Of course, the historical period the area is most rich in is from the invasion by the "Moors" (mostly Berbers from Algeria and Morocco) in the 8th Century to the conquest of Granada in 1492 by Ferdinand and Isabella who also sponsored Columbus. That period has left a fantastic architectural and cultural legacy.
Signing of Constitution 1812 - tiles.
In the Plaza de Espãna, built for an Spanish-American exhibition in 1929, there is a section for each province. The one for Cádiz shows the signing of the constitution in 1812, after the French had lifted the siege. The figure 5th from right in red/brown is Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Graham, the British commander.

Note: in the Spanish context, America usually refers to South America.
Reading list
There are many books on the Peninsular War. I list those I have which are most relevant to the Siege of Cádiz and Battle of Barrosa.
The Peninsular War - Charles Esdaile
This is an excellent overview of the whole of the Peninsular War. It is not focussed solely on the exploits of the British forces but covers the Spanish military and political situation. Highly recommended.
The Battle of Barrosa - John Grehan and Martin Mace
Although titled for the battle, it covers the whole period of the siege.
Albuera - Peter Edwards
This covers events before and after the Battle of Albuera, including Barrosa.
Salamanca 1812 - Rory Muir
Covers the battle and its consequences.

I also got useful information from the following websites:
Carol is the author of a number of books about the Napoleonic period and has six articles about the siege of Cádiz, including the Battle of Barrosa, on her website.
There is an article about the Battle of Barrosa with a very useful map of the troop positions superimposed on the modern road layout which I found very useful.
Google Maps (of course)
This link should put the memorial site in the centre of your window.
A note about the equipment used.
The pictures were taken using an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mk II. This has a Micro four-thirds lens mount and very good stabilisation.
I used an Olympus 12-200mm, F3.5-6.3 lens (35mm equivalent, 24-400).
Text and photos copyright John Haines 2015-21.
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